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On learning history

History never had been a strong aptitude of mine. I never cared for it during the imposed coursework in high school or the institute. I digested the minimum to achieve …

My experience with War and Piece

Do I write this post as a result of having finally finished reading War and Piece (Война и Мир)? Did I read the epic novel in spirit of my eagerness …

A few stoic ideas from an ancient text

Simple ideas have survived the test of time. Or have they? In my on-and-off attempts to read Marcus Aurelius, I’ve encountered much allusion to Stoicism, the same guiding principles …

On marginal value of books

I see several reasons for wanting to read a book.

  1. To learn new material.
  2. To be inspired.
  3. To be entertained by the content.
  4. To enjoy fantastically written prose.

The more …

Relationship with books

To complement the account of my fantasy relationship with music listening, I wish to reflect on the reading experience.

I have a cyclical relationship with book-reading mediums. As many serious …

Meta literary critique

How to critique own introductory sentences, finding inspiration through fictional characters, and reliving the glory of a coffee plantation.

Most inspirational fiction novels

Here I shall focus on fiction novels having inspired me most. Since this genre constitutes an overwhelming majority of my offline reading, I simply cannot recall other works to have …