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More Inspiring Technologies

Three years ago I had written an article on the three most inspiring technologies in my routine. The personal impact of those three items still by far prevails over any …

How daily journaling alleviates hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

| Category: Blog

I haven’t maintained a consistent journaling practice for some time. And I regret this state of affairs. 10 minutes daily can result in an effective and informative chronicle of …

Single-tasking workflow in Linux with DWM

| Category: Linux

In a series of Linux-related articles recently, I have provided a number of strategies to eliminate distractions and superfluous features in your workflow. The strategies largely rely on ultra-minimalist command-line …

Slide presentations in seconds from plain text

| Category: Linux

Creating slide presentations not in minutes, but seconds, from a few lines of plain text with Sent.

Cell phones and travelling

| Category: Travel

As one among the cell-phone-averse elements of society, my reasons are fairly standard. I don’t wish to elaborate on an already saturated issue. I will only briefly mention, they …

Achieving an action-oriented workflow in Linux

| Category: Linux

How an action-oriented workflow stimulates more focused attention than an interaction-based workflow.

jrnl, from plain CLI journaling to time reporting

| Category: Linux

What I love about simple CLI Linux utilities is that one, many are old, well-documented and extremely light weight, two, they are modular and can easily interact with other CLIs …

Interesting clubs to attend or start

I want to put forth my best effort in avoiding the usage of the letter ‘k’ for this post. The letter detached from the laptop typing peripheral surface a year …

My experience with W3M, a console-based web browser

| Category: Linux

W3M an entirely console-based web browser I mentioned briefly in a previous post, despite a series of limitations in the context of a full web browsing experience, can play just …

How to be cutting-edge and old-school in the Linux terminal

| Category: Linux

Extracting speed and productivity from Linux terminal applications.

Why I use Linux

| Category: Linux

A brief synthesis of the Linux philosophy and my history of usage.

Alternative Things

I want to compile a list of things or trends that either deviate from the mainstream, have long become antique, or spark my memory for a different reason. Why indulge …

Toastmasters and public speaking

Having finally attended a Toastmasters meeting after nearly 10 years of deliberation, in my first day in Kraków of all places, I carry no regrets.

The international organization focuses around …

Chaotic travel updates and Kraków

| Category: Travel

Too much movement in a short time period carries familiar pitfalls, but also witnesses unusual side-effects.

Jazz, there and back again

| Category: Blog

And on constructing bridges between countries and musical genres.

About Lisp and programming languages

How Lisp re-sparked academic excitement in a programming language.

Be like water

| Category: Blog

As I was exploring the Old City in Stockholm, an occasionally recurring situation arose. Having the intention to attend a timely event, in this case the change of guards ceremony …

Relationship with books

To complement the account of my fantasy relationship with music listening, I wish to reflect on the reading experience.

I have a cyclical relationship with book-reading mediums. As many serious …

Relationship with music

| Category: Blog

Fantasizing about how recorded music should be experienced.

Quick presentations in markdown with Pandoc

| Category: Linux

Creating slide presentations with extreme ease and speed using Pandoc.

Meta literary critique

How to critique own introductory sentences, finding inspiration through fictional characters, and reliving the glory of a coffee plantation.

Berlin to Copenhagen

| Category: Travel

The complexity of entering the Zealand island and the Little Mermaid.

Ramones cafe

| Category: Blog

I’m a sucker for charming cafes with rustic furniture, candle lighting, creaking wood floors, and captivating memorabilia densely spread along the walls… at least for an hour or until …

David Bowie’s Berlin

| Category: Blog

I write this from the Neues Ufer Cafe in Schöneberg, Berlin. David Bowie frequented the place while residing next door during his Berlin years of 1976-1978. The residential building seems …

Travel in Southern Germany

| Category: Travel

A friend of mine and I embarked on a little trip in Southern Germany and Austria. Here I present a very brief account of the experience and what caught my …

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