Slide presentations in seconds from plain text

Sent is another in the series of incredibly lean applications. Similarly, it is configurable by means of a config.h source file and a recompilation. Compared to the previously mentioned pandoc, beamer, and markdown approach to presentation making, which compiles a markdown formatted document to a pdf, the sent executable directly renders a presentation from a plain text file or standard input even.

Sent doesn’t bother with specially formatted constructs, titles, layout, automatic numbering, or anything fancy of the sort. On the contrary, it automatically renders the font size in accordance with the amount of vertical and horizontal text on a slide, inversely related. One word, for example, would occupy most of the slide in very large font. A paragraph of text corresponds to a slide. A @image construct automatically renders a separate slide for that image alone. Beyond a special character for designating comments, that describes everything.

The following would literally generate an effective full-screen three-slide presentation, with black text on a white background (reconfigurable in source).


Slide 1
- bullet 1
- bullet 2
- bullet 3


Any Questions?

Invoke the presentation as such:

$ sent presentation.txt

You could compose a simple, no thrills, last-minute presentation in the literal sense, with ease and in a matter of seconds.