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2022-11-16 - Day of the Dead around San Cristobal de las Casas
2022-11-05 - The year by road and sea
2022-11-01 - Salvador, Bahia, the Afro-Brazilian capital
2022-10-31 - Recife, retrospective travel notes
2022-10-30 - A trip to the Acatenango volcano
2022-10-29 - From Angigua, Guatemala to San Cristobal, Mexico by road
2022-10-25 - Edgar Allan Poe - Tale of Jerusalem
2022-10-21 - Pernambuco, from the rural towards the coast
2022-10-18 - Edgar Poe's Lionizing and Bon-Bon
2022-10-17 - Edgar Poe, a long overdue reflection
2022-10-13 - Gogol, a few stories and reflections
2022-10-11 - The year of Yerba Mate
2022-10-11 - More poems by Joyce (and Turgenev)
2022-10-09 - Fun with select Ezra Pound verse

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