List of ways to be indifferent

2019-11-26 @Lifestyle

It happens all the time. And you need not remain victim. Become indifferent. Or rewire your neurons to experience pleasure (where plausible).

  1. Loud noise or music from the neighbours.

  2. Extreme cold or heat.

  3. Cold water. Cold showers. Grow accustomed to them and never mind water temperature again.

  4. Street chaos: vendors with loud megaphones, yelling, whistles, profanity, music, crowds, intoxication, etc.

  5. Difficulty with sleep. There’s the actual phenomenon, and there’s your emotional reaction that needlessly exacerbates.

  6. Rain. Don’t depend on umbrellas. Be okay with moisture and soaking. Be content if your summer shoes become flooded. Don’t let rain dictate your schedule. Be indifferent.

  7. Hunger. Domesticate it. Cultivate fasting. Change your entire being. Don’t let scheduled meals dictate your life.

  8. Uncomfortable sleeping surfaces. Adapt to sleep anywhere.

  9. Sugar. Eliminate it. Don’t crave it. Prefer sour and acidic. But also don’t become an emotional victim to the incidentals.

  10. Coffee cravings. Don’t abuse coffee. Don’t be dependent. Enjoy it in small, mindful doses. Be grateful for a tiny 30-ml serving. Be free to pass days without it.

  11. Travel discomfort. Choose your preferred strategy. Yet be content with red-eye flights, long night-time layovers in the cold, uncomfortable sleep. Anticipate the eventuality and be indifferent when it occurs.

  12. Injuries. Anticipate them. Visualize alternative forms of movement once they occur. Realize that an active lifestyle carries the necessary risk. Only the sedentary and the inactive remain injury-free. Until they spontaneously combust.

  13. Grounding. Enjoy the level and the well-paved. Also enjoy the erratic, sloped, rocky, broken.

  14. Carbohydrates. Don’t depend on them. Limit them. Yet don’t be victim to the incidental or the occasional. Anticipate insulin spikes. Understand the chemical disturbances they cause. Learn to work with them.

  15. Alcohol. Don’t resort to it socially. Your sociability doesn’t depend on it. Be free of pressure to consume. If you do consume, don’t be a victim to the effects. Anticipate them, and let them pass.

  16. Tardiness. If you are a punctual person, don’t get stressed if late. If you are a principally tardy person, don’t get stressed if on-time. Accept the eventuality and be indifferent.

  17. Dirt, uncleanliness. Don’t let it impact you, not indoors, not outside. Regulate it to your will and capability, but don’t become emotionally constrained.

  18. Fatigue. Anticipate the effect it has on your body and cognitive mindset. Accept it and let it pass.

  19. Bad drivers. They are everywhere, all the time, every day. To them, you are also one. Stop reacting. Ever. How many decades have you now been at the wheel?

  20. Insects. Simply consider the world a jungle. Cleanliness is just a bonus.

  21. Sloppiness. You’ll inevitably spill liquids. Food will cannonball off your plate. Your clothes, your floor, the tabletop, will all become soiled. Anticipate it and be indifferent.

  22. Clichés. Prejudices. They will be voiced everywhere, all the time. And you’ll remain as stoic as dry wall.

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