2017-12-26 @Blog

As I leave my building shortly after 6AM for a walk and a workout, I encounter few inspiring elements. Food-leftovers, shattered liquor bottles and trash-littered sidewalks, scent of urine and feces more frequent than I would otherwise prefer. Homeless laid out on the sidewalks on worn-out mattresses, towels, or on the bare asphalt. Others trotting, or swaying from side to side rather, destined for no place in particular. Vile energy swarms the neighborhood.

This is how I insist on starting my day on the occasionas that I wake up with back pain. A rather mild back pain in the majority of cases, but I prefer to feel fantastic and full of energy from the start, and a moderate length walk I always found most effective to ease the burden.

In the course of the walk I’m inclined to incorporate a workout, which I would otherwise perform later in the day. I use the fitness equipment in the park in Higeonopolis, 1.5km from my building. Quiet a contrast of neighborhood quality. The relatively small park is overgrown in lush and notably heterogeneous vegetation offering the much needed peace and inspiration in that early morning timeframe. However, the first half of the walk involves crossing a repulsive part of the neighborhood, which I choose to reside in for the lower costs and geographical convenience.

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