2018-01-16 @Lifestyle

How do you incorporate the notion of aesthetics into your life? To what extent does it play a role in the choices you make?

I have placed significant emphasis around aesthetics in defining my character. Any element that maintains presence in my life on a frequent enough basis, I consider worthy of aesthetic analysis.

Is this necessary? Not strictly. But the more I strive to approach my tasks in a paced and mindful manner, the more attention I dedicate to their underlying essence and basic physical properties. I prefer movements, objects, visuals, audio, and spacial composition to respect properties in accordance with certain not easily defined principles, although often based around simplicity.

Rather than exploring the philosophical aspect to any greater depth, for which I have not the background nor the interest, I will cover the various areas in which I prioritize much aesthetic appeal.

The presence of aesthetics expands to additional areas. The daily workflow, operating system usage, note-taking process, exercise routine, are only a small subset. Perhaps I’ll explore some of these areas and others in a continuation of this post.

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