Documentation, presentation, aesthetics

2018-01-03 @Blog

Some of the difficulty I face in working through various small milestones are largely of aesthetic/presentation nature and my inefficiency in quickly resolving those issues. I will list some of the milestones here along with the relevant issues:

Machine Learning compact reference guide

This is designed to aid me in ML related projects and will organically expand over time. The initial draft is meant to contain the crucial high-level elements originating from the various notebook, text file, and pdf documents I generated. I pondered the presentation format over a few days. Should I produce a

I ultimately decided to let the format develop organically, starting from a 3-column, landscape positioned, small font latex document, beginning with high level categories and following an incremental descent approach. This was a case where I could continue to indefinitely analyze but need to ultimately set hard boundaries, something as short as 15 minutes, and begin to compile information.


I’ve been aiming to write daily. Some questions faced:

Scientific documentation and experiments

Where to maintain this content?

As seen above, I struggle to establish not only the ultimate format and publication medium, but to even determine an ideal workflow in the process of compiling the information. For content such as spontaneous ideas or journal-related I prefer to use a notebook for the initial draft. It involves aesthetics and spontaneity. And yet I will spend additional cycles digitizing much of this information.

My goal is to produce finished (not necessarily yet polished) content, rather than leave information flowing in endless streams of notes, text files, and unfinished/unpublished documents. I need to streamline the above issues or let them resolve organically in a way that I don’t misallocate energy and complete what I initiate.

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