Ramones cafe

2018-07-02 @Travel

I’m a sucker for charming cafes with rustic furniture, candle lighting, creaking wood floors, and captivating memorabilia densely spread along the walls… at least for an hour or until my curiosity reaches the point of saturation. The Ramones museum/cafe in Berlin possibly earned the top mark in my collection of such establishments.

I don’t care much for the Ramones. In fact, I can’t recall a single composition of the punk band. And yet, the punk tunes playing in the speakers and the entire wall real estate overwhelmed by picture frames of Ramones-related artifacts, caused me to pretend to appreciate their legacy long enough to drink a cup of coffee. Balancing on the unstable chair and table, my knee barely accommodated under the low table surface, I exhibited much curiosity in the possibility of the candle suddenly collapsing from a sudden tremble. What dramatic measure would the situation take, I wondered?

The cafe also featured a museum in the back area, accessible for an additional fee. However, considering the already intense exhibition in the free cafe section, my emotional capacity to appreciate further subtleties became quickly depleted and I chose not to explore the additional territory. It goes without saying, I also chose not to purchase the lifetime membership.

I would introspect further on my fascination with charming rustic cafes, but a few dozen screaming World Cup enthusiasts surround me in the lounge where I write this. I don’t share the enthusiasm. Alas, my ability to concentrate, a great run it was, arrived at a foreseeable end.

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