Alternative Things

2018-08-02 @Lifestyle

I want to compile a list of things or trends that either deviate from the mainstream, have long become antique, or spark my memory for a different reason. Why indulge in this exercise?

For one, it provides an opportunity to explore the cult and maybe spread further interest. Two, it enables me to consider how much of my interest in a particular trend owes itself to the very idea of the cult, and how much to genuine utility inherent to the idea.

A significant portion of the list consists of antique devices, while some leads into upcoming developments.

  1. One-handed aerial keyboards
  2. Wearable computing
  3. Simple, few-function, keyboard-based phones
  4. Pay phones
  5. A compass as a primary navigational aid.
  6. Record players
  7. Lisp
  8. Prolog
  9. Go (the language)
  10. Assembly programming
  11. Old-school computational units: Edsac, Commodore, Atari
  12. Raspberry PI-based retroactive game consoles
  13. Piko Dat Toy Learning Computer
  14. Film cameras
  15. Samovars
  16. Antique gas-based coffee-makers
  17. Pagers
  18. Lambda Calculus
  19. Gentoo Linux
  20. BusyBox
  21. Computing model with strictly ROM-based storage, RAM-based working memory
  22. O(log n) memory computing models. Ex: Finite State Machine or log-space working-tape Turing Machine.
  23. Blackberry
  24. A stand-alone wrist-watch phone (without smartphone tethering)
  25. Bulletin Board Systems
  26. MP3 stand-alone players
  27. Memory techniques. See the Mentat Wiki or Litemind
  28. Zork
  29. Biohacking
  30. Dumb-terminal-based computing with write-only cloud access for storage.
  31. Neuromancer
  32. Stalker
  33. Free Jazz
  34. Short-wave radio
  35. Midnight commander
  36. Hourglass
  37. The three laws of robotics
  38. Handwritten letters
  39. Ring networks
  40. Esperanto
  41. 2G cellular networks
  42. Diskman
  43. SMS-based protocols
  44. Ragas (Sound of India and Rajan Parrikar Music Archive)
  45. 8-bit sound
  46. Punch cards
  47. Correspondence Chess
  48. Programming a Computer For Playing Chess, 1949 publication
  49. Biotechnology
  50. Well-Tempered Clavier
  51. Miles Davis, On the Corner
  52. Cellular-phone-free life
  53. Cold showers
  54. Polaroids
  55. Shared economy
  56. Bartering system
  57. DIY alternatives to commercial packaging and substances
  58. Schr√∂dinger’s cat
  59. Open BSD
  60. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  61. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
  62. Interactive and exploratory publications

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