How daily journaling alleviates hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

2018-09-04 @Blog

I haven’t maintained a consistent journaling practice for some time. And I regret this state of affairs. 10 minutes daily can result in an effective and informative chronicle of your life. Over the years I’ve carried out most of such journaling in paper notebooks, but occasionally in digital format, which, in hindsight, really facilitates quick, on-the-fly journal entries. Having explored my digital entries from a 2011 time period, I ran across the following unfinished fragment. It must have consumed but 10 minutes of effort, and yet resulted in quiet an entertaining of a read, at least for me. I thought I would share for the sake of inspiring even one person to journal (never mind the style resembling a poor Catcher in the Rye imitation.)

2011-07-13 09:00 Milwaukee.

I decided to spend a sick day in Milwaukee. This was the only city close enough for a one-day trip. I planned on getting there by Megabus, and back by either Megabus or Amtrak. I purchased a one-way Megabus ticket for 5.50 a couple of weeks prior to make a commitment (I didn’t purchase a return ticket to seem spontaneous). This was not only a bargain, but the cheapest commitment I could remember. I would easily give it 8.75. The bus ride lasted two hours and featured luxuries such as no snacks and 120-volt power sockets.

I planned on taking one of those public downtown tours at 10AM and had nearly an hour to spare, so I headed in the general direction to walk around and kill some time. I took 4th St North and turned right on Everett. Some sort of world market was assembling in the Zeidler Union Square. A Russian-speaking man on a cell-phone walked by me, chattering about some hourse raddish. I walked across the Union Square, glancing in all directions to find anything of interest that fit my agenda, but nothing did. I had no agenda. I then walked east on Michigan St, and eventually cut North to Wisconsin Ave, the street where the tour would start.



If you are wondering how the title relates to this content, it doesn’t. I’ve been struggling with titles.

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