How to practice improvised speeches for lazy folk, part 2

2018-10-09 @Experiments

I created a routine to invoke the all-inclusive topic generator/speech recorder/logger, per the previous post using an exec-cmd command.

The routine requires

  1. exec-cmd.
  2. sent, from, which I also described here.
  3. record and countdown from my scripts repository.
  4. shuf, timeout, and basename, which are probably already installed in major distributions or at least available in package managers.

The two applicable routines in the commands file are

  1. The generic recordrandtopic, accepting
    1. parameters for audio name and location prefix.
    2. The topic file. You’ll find a sample list of 365 practice topics in the exec-cmd repository file 365-tt-questions.txt.
    3. Log file for saving your progress.
  2. A calling routine table_topic specific to the Toastmasters table topic format.

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