Have a 90-degree day

We tend to operate on auto-pilot most of the time. How about altering certain mechanics to return that feeling of self-awareness?

I initially leaned towards the title ‘backwards day’. However, I acknowledge that not all suggestions below are polar opposites to their originals. Some call for but a moderate alteration in rendering the new behavior. With that said, feel free to carry out a 90-180 degree shift in the mechanics of your habits. Should we then settle on titling it an ‘obtuse day’? Well, call it what you wish. I don’t care.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with a few suggestions.

  1. Brush your teeth in the opposite order and/or use your non-dominant hand.
  2. Switch hands for holding utensils.
  3. Rather, switch dominant/non-dominant hands for everything.
  4. Decrease shower water temperature. If you bath in steaming hot, transition to room temperature. If already at the latter, bath in cold water - at least part of the time.
  5. Alternate your social polarity. If normally social and active, take the day of solitude, quiet and reflection. If serious and introspective, be playful and nonchalant. And vice-versa.
  6. Switch writing mediums. If normally a typist, spend the day hand-writing. And vice-versa. Or audio-record your ideas if not normally the case.
  7. Reverse exercise intensity. If normally heavy-weight, switch to low-weight, high-rep, aerobic. If in the latter category, incorporate more weight or drastically slow down and emphasize form.
  8. Increase your fasting cycle (or rather, decrease the time-interval during which you eat). Ex: from 12 hours down to 8. Or further yet.
  9. Reverse the food-processing strategy. If you normally cook and season your ingredients, eat raw and plain whatever possible. If that’s already you, become creative and experiment with a more complex and composed recipe. Additionally, if you normally fine-slice ingredients, increase the coarseness or eat whole. And vice-versa.
  10. Alter the creative format. Transition between the blog, essay, short story, poetry, etc.
  11. Decrease environmental lighting. Use the minimal lighting necessary, or opt for low candle-lighting instead of electric.
  12. Alter your working or creative environment.
  13. Alter your typical reading genre.
  14. Watch a black and white and older film if normally inclined towards color and contemporary, and vice-versa.
  15. Alternate your form of communication. If normally inclined towards short and impersonal texts, have phone conversations. Or write a long letter for a change. Hand-write the letter even and mail it.