Change context by way of randomness

2019-07-07 @Blog

Sometime in the last few months I began to once again handwrite my journal entries. Then took a similar approach with most writings. I’m also experimenting with the classic 4x6' index cards as means to interact with all sorts of content. Sometimes we require a shift of context when the old ways produce little to be desired.

Why not occasionally perturb context across the domains of content creation, reading mediums and, to a lesser extent, music listening? Each time, curiously, and by way of intricate reasoning, I align the rationale to fit the changing circumstances.

But am I that in need of supporting rationale to justify such deeds? Does pure whim lack sufficient foundation? Must I answer to myself in a matter suited less towards strategic planning, more towards intuition and inner guide?

Some context realignment demands no rationale, justifiable as plainly as water. The change fosters an element of randomness, enabling us to grasp the elusive.

Beyond, there is no one universally favourable environment or one cleverly devised ceremony. The pursuit of flow knows no optimal parameters. Each individual, each situation poses unique conditions. There is no free lunch.

Contrary to matters of synthetic data analysis, when it comes to individual creativity, even the same recurring problem may warrant a hypothesis shift. How else does it follow that what works today degenerates into staleness tomorrow? One does not synthesize creativity. Not yet.

Let’s appeal to randomization. Rather that attempt to systematize a change of variables, carefully, gradually, a la Okkam’s razor, let’s apply randomness, introduced at random intervals and whereabouts.

Today I may prefer to write in my paper notebook by a wide wall-to-wall window facing a forested area, accompanied by a blend of Japanese Sencha and Matcha. Later I may opt for a half empty gourmet cafe, wedged deep along the bar table, distanced and allergic to laptop displays of Outlook calendars, social feeds and e-commerce. There the barista busies with the simple yet effective manipulations of espresso machines, french presses, pourovers, grinders, porcelain cups and decanters.

Paradoxically, some presiding neomania occasionally pleasures: the oversized gaming laptops, loose wiring mayhem, soulless angular interiors of not a single living plant. Epiphanies have likewise paid respects in the intoxication of North-Irish breakfast bars.

The unknowns number too many. Sometimes in lieu of vain attempts to prop the theatrical stage with too many a decoration, opt for randomness. It finds promising results not only in scientific disciplines, but creative pursuit, establishing unexpected, yet favorable avenues.

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