Problems to no problems

2019-08-07 @Lifestyle

Exists a set of highly recurring problems.

It’s a short list. But I don’t purposely hunt problems. I don’t follow news or cultural/political whimsicalities. I don’t follow commentaries on platforms, peruse photos or listen to podcasts for intent beyond language-development. I do, however, listen to avant-garde music radio stations. I don’t browse Reddit.

Accordingly, exists this proper subset of solutions:

The above solutions cause fragility. You grow dependent on them. They place additional constraints. Energy constraints, financial, and external. Some require complex, multi-layered solutions.

Instead, consider migrating the top list of problems to a list of non-problems. For the mathematical version, it’s simple:

∀ p ∈ P. P = P - {p}. ¬P = ¬P ∪ {p}

With it, you eliminate unnecessary emotion and energy dissipation. Just don’t give a damn. With time, you will not care.

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