A simpler way to hike

2020-01-22 @Lifestyle

The definition of a hike can vary between individuals. For some it necessarily presupposes forestry, isolated plains, or some aspect of the rural. Some require an element of considerable exertion, usually involving steep inclines. Some emphasize any walk satisfying a certain minimal distance. I tend to appeal to the latter definition, mixed with an aspect of uncertainty in the route as well as terrain.

Whatever your definition, I propose a simpler recipe to hikes. And I do this to ease the burden for those unaccustomed to hikes or even walks; for those intrigued by the idea, yet overwhelmed by the notion of logistics surrounding the grandeur experience.


The apparel

The non-apparel


  1. Once the bottle empties, you’ll find the means to refill it at some stream, waterfall or fountain. Bring the larger size if absolutely skeptical, but I’ve yet to encounter a natural area that didn’t somehow facilitate water refill. Per the prerequisites, this is not a desert hike.
  2. You’re hiking to connect with nature (or the urban landscape) and become comfortable relying on your inner faculty. You’re not there to chat or digitally hibernate. And you don’t need any navigational aid. Your inner-navigation enters overdrive mode once the brain realizes there isn’t any other measure. Also, most official natural areas feature some vague maps, indicator signs, and occasional people. And you do have the paper to jot some notes.
  3. For the (relatively) short duration you’ll spend hiking, any ‘small’ food will probably cause more harm that no food. On an empty stomach, you will remain sharper and not risk adverse body chemistry. And if stranded overnight, or for extended period since the last meal, you’ll gain the benefits of at least light ketosis (fasted cleansing). However, I can understand if not all concord on this point.

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