Opportunities in tumultuous circumstances

2020-03-26 @Blog

Take the present situation. I’m fairly isolated in the outskirts of Teres√≥polis, RJ. If it wasn’t already a rural and mountainous setting, life has presently assumed a semi-quarantine mode. Much commerce has closed, much interaction has ceased.

And yet … How long has it been since I’ve had to prepare all my meals at home, being accustomed to eating out once per day to satisfy significant nutritional needs? Now I’ve somewhat reacquired that aptitude; learned to properly slice garlic, prepare a greater variety of vegetables, freeze aliments and, foster certain gastronomic creativity.

Less natural movement has meant more planned trekking; more preventative measures in general taken on a proactive basis: active exercise, abundant use of lemon/ginger/garlic in teas and meals.

Decreased access to commerce has meant slightly more conscientious stocking of products and leveraging the natural environment for diverse foliage to prepare cleansing teas.

I’ve also learned to compost organics - simple, yet much neglected.

Despite the increased tendency towards mobile-digital distractions to compensate for the regime of isolation across the populace, I’ve paradoxically disconnected myself even more. It’s become a golden opportunity to yet further cultivate an independence mindset; not count on commerce or cheap distractions, but resort to reading, writing, meditations, conversations over tea, and much of planned nothingness.

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