Site updates

2020-05-18 @Blog

Updates might have lately seemed sparse, but appearances can be so misleading, while rumors … revealing. Whence have I stolen that expression?

Anyway, I’ve implemented several changes to the site:


Most importantly, that entails the importing of content from my other site,, en route to being phased out. This consisted mainly of technical and scientific guides, a lot of it cross-posted. I no longer saw any sense in exerting effort to maintain the two sites independently. The former now redirects here.

Speaking of the guides, you’ll find a link to them in the top menu. At present, the page references my postings on Unix power tools and related ‘hacker’ workflows, in addition to some CS Theory materials. With time I expect to add a lot of not only technical but broader content to this page.


The top menu now also contains a projects section consisting of links to various power tools I’ve developed. This too I expect to gradually expand with much dark magic from the laboratory.


You’ll also find an about section in the top menu. A page like this I’ve long procrastinated on. It’s not my preferred style to provide an all-encompassing and earnest presentation to who I am and what I represent.

I rather the content speak for itself, but there you have it. In fact, I still kept the section relatively terse, considering the amount I wanted to continue to elaborate once in the mode.


Beyond other subtle stylistic touches, I’ve also converted the logo from a verbatim ASCII rendering to an image. My appreciation for the ASCII art form knows no bounds (except for the dimensions of about 40x40 characters), but including a pure ASCII blob in the page heading intuitively felt wrong and probably SEO inhibiting.

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