Greatest annoyances

2020-06-30 @Blog

Common wisdom suggests certain emotional response as appropriate of a clear minded individual of firm moral foundation. Take for instance the acts of physical abuse, slander, theft, homicide, or extortion. I will generally suppose these to trigger negative feedback.

There’s merit in feeling ill-disposed towards action that violates others' life and liberty. But what about the myriads of occurrences of no clear moral framework, stemming from heavily varied principle; of little necessarily direct consequence?

The consequence often comprises of nothing but the pure emotional strain we let loose within. It is here that we observe the ugly side of human nature and differentiate ourselves from other animal life: self-inflicted emotional abuse. Not necessarily out of reason for injustice rendered upon man, but in and of itself, out of pure aesthetic caprice.

The predicament has challenged minds over ages. If we are at liberty to grant whatever meaning we please to the otherwise meaningless external input, why do we opt for frustration over contentment? Would it not compel us to override destructive feedback with something of a more, let’s say, productive nature?

As for me, over time I let myself become possessed by a strain of triggers that sometimes give manifest, needlessly, to the ugliest of emotions. I list here but a handful out of the frighteningly many I could continue to contrive.

Make no wrong. Many of these triggers represent severe malice. And yet what wouldn’t I give to be liberated of futile emotion that ensues.

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