2021 reflections

2022-01-07 @Blog

As far as writing, my biggest hurdle of all has involved the sheer amount of draft material I’ve either neglected to complete, or haven’t reconciled in a tangible publishable form.

Over 2021 I’ve also heavily increased the creative content coefficient. Most of it remains offline, uncertain of the proper outlet. With much of it I haven’t even felt sufficiently pleased to consider the point.

That means I haven’t published as much ‘traditional’ material inline with what I’m about (digital simplification, lifestyle, travel, literature, etc). And that’s fine. This site constantly evolves; except in design. :)

I’ve said before and will reemphasize: don’t neglect bullet lists. Once in bullet mode (bullet time), ideas always more readily flow. And I’ve quiet often found myself careless in this regard.

Having just shared my thoughts on technophobe travel, I always entertain the possibility of committing to some travel period computer-free. Beyond numerous other complications, that would also challenge updates to this very site, being that I’m entirely about offline and often self-developed tools.

And yet I’m not without ideas regarding not strictly technophobe travel, but further digital simplification in general. Will write more on the subject.

Some developments in taste:

Regarding literature, heavy poetry and drama (mostly older if not ancient), followed by a fairly recent transition towards modernist prose.

Regarding music, nothing new but an ever increasing coefficient of Ornette Coleman to the remainder: The Shape of Jazz to Come, Change of the Century, Tomorrow is the Question, Ornette!, Science Fiction, Dancing in your Head, Soapsuds, Soapsuds.

Regarding art, an increasing interest for ecclesiastic architecture, old B&W photography, and certain (I emphasize, certain) schools of surrealism.

Regarding film, preference for the (older) B&W Noir, reasons quiet similar to my preference for the B&W photography. Though I’ve also enjoyed some Westerns. But better yet avoid this medium for a more rewarding existence supplemented by the above forms. And of course I’m heavily biased.

Some lessons:

Don’t feel too resentful over occasional acts of hypocrisy or contradiction. Case point: from about early December, I’ve again consumed occasional alcohol after two dry years, reasons mixed. However, I stand behind everything I’ve written to the merits of an alcohol-free lifestyle, even though my credibility has now taken a toll.

Travel-wise, know when to lodge long-term, and know when to liberate commitments and eagerly hop from place to place.

Minimize baggage, move lightly, live lightly. Carry even less clothes than I deemed necessary. Don’t be afraid to hand-wash.

Lay low on spices. Time and time again, the body has reacted adversely (if not plain violently) over what I strongly perceive to be spices.

Provide ample time between meals for food to digest. Forget ‘snacks’. The very word in (the English language) has begun to sound foul, I kid you not. And this is the one guideline I’ve been notoriously respectful of for an awfully long time. Just the three meals a day for me (occasionally two if overfed), with nothing in between.

Opt for bar-level work surfaces, the easiest for seamless transition between standing and sitting modes.

Drink tons of water. I’ve never regretted this, provided access to the restroom.

It’s dangerous of me to accept too much hospitality. I’ve come to exercise too much impunity and too much oblivion to what’s around, treating nearly every environment as my home, having experienced it all so much in such a variety of settings. I’ve definitely felt a lack of gratitude stemming from my part.

Don’t sweat occasional overpaying, being ripped off, or the purchasing of overpriced commodities. Mentally write off some quantity per year I expect to be squandered. This has helped me deal with what I consider some frivolous expenses throughout 2021.

Questions, comments? Connect.