2023 highlights and lessons

2024-01-02 @Blog

Highlights of 2023, sure. And have we learned anything?

My mind still blotched on the latter question, let’s defer and entertain the first.

Now back to the question of being learned.

Learned of the colossal influence of various Germanic tribes in shaping the demographics of Western Europe.

No, kidding … But not really.

Advanced in the craft of Latex book formatting.

Beyond the French progress, gained severe insight into the evolution of select languages.

Look, nothing new that previous years' annual reflections haven’t already addressed. Mere reinforcements of the same lessons. Probably incumbent over thousands of years.

For example, opt for silence unless strong motive otherwise compels.

Reuse old technology. Reuse old wares in general.

Our view into the present opens to overwhelming noise that will not clear for a while. Better wait some fifty/hundred/two hundred years to demystify the sermons of today.

Unless it is your job to be the oracle of that noise, strongly emphasize emotional distance and retreat.

I would add, feel free to dubiously consider my positions … And to consider them extreme. But that subtle, half-implicit epigraph has too, accompanied my writings many a year now.

……………………….. Есть много не сказанных слов, И много созданий, не созданных ныне,— Их столько же, сколько песчинок среди бесконечных песков, В немой Аравийской пустыне. - Константин Бальмонт - Нить Ариадны

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