A handful of aphorisms not devoid of paradoxes

2023-03-10 @Blog

Better left for imagination. Avoid the richer texture that leaves naught to refine or elaborate. Better eliminate the extra context that unnecessarily deviates cognition.

Unless we attain reverse entropy, cannot abstract the already decomposed. Spare me the detail. Spare me the packaging with instructions. Leave for the posterior, pastoral labor. Let sear like crop atop a corn field.

Which might corroborate my slight preference for Schoenberg or Ligeti over Stravinsky or Prokofiev; and heavy preference for Stravinsky or Prokofiev over Khachaturian or Myaskovsky; or why I sickly prefer Sun Ra or Pharoah Sanders over Archie Shepp (whom I appreciate more than Sanders) or Ornette Coleman (yet as good as my favourite), any of the former slightly over Post-Bop Miles Davis and Coltrane; and the latter over most of Post Bop.

Micro-polyphony, microtonal, harmelodics, frippetronics, over highly distinguished polyphony and harmonics. Atonal over diatonic. Less chords please. More abrupt tempo.

B&W photography seems to leave more for ambiguity and cognition than color photography. As does French symbolism over romantic pastiche.

Leonora Carrington paintings bewitch me. The alchemic, astrological, Kabbalistic base and whatever obscure folklore she caters to, fall hopelessly beyond my comprehension. Leagues hopelesslier than the dense and the denser Pieter Bruegel the Elder or Hieronymus Bosch proverbs. And however dense, the Dutch Renascence school feels a tad more familiar. And that being such, the Carrington obscurity does nothing but compel.

In the same wise Ezra Pound reads way better than Walt Whitman, Мандельштам slightly than Бальмонт, and Маяковский by some imprecise superlative measure than Бунин.

I rather read a play than see a play, and hear a ballet than see one.

But the best dialogue is no dialogue; little dialogue triumphs over heavy dialogue; though good heavy dialogue annihilates awkward and superfluous dialogue. I was initially constrained to film, but the reasoning may as well generalize.

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