After long recess, book available

2023-11-23 @Blog

Exactly an eight-month recess. Now I’m not much for the numerological nor astrological presaging crafts, but appreciate clever form where one is to be derived. Eight, one of the more influential powers of two to pioneer the fleet of finite integers, deserves that humble recognition.

Dante’s Divine Comedy flaunts the number Three like a dog its tail: three lines per tercet, three canticos, three realms, three divisions, three subdivisions, three subdivisions per subdivision (and so on recursively), three-fold melodies, three-fold circles, three maidens, three devils, three heads, three arbitrary figures here, three rounds, three classes, three incidents, three steps …

Kudos. But I’ve more of a venerable spot for the powers of two … even eight, the third such power. Or is it the fourth, if we concede to Zero?

That digression aside, I effectively refrained from as much as dropping a eyelash on this site in order to polish my poetry/creative prose compilation and publish in some form. For now,

Humours of the Wood

is available for purchase in strictly electronic PDF format at the provided link.

In the short term, I’ll resolve the issue of enabling multiple formats and PDF sizes. The Epub format causes me notable trouble, as the Latex-Epub conversion can’t well cope with the verse sections of the book without creating a bloody mess. That is, Epub will take longer.

Otherwise, in time I’ll manage other channels of distribution as well as dedicate a store for this sort of merchandise.

Have I been engaged in this pursuit the entirety of the eight months? Hardly. Not within the ballpark. The first months, yes, this ultimate month, likewise, but some severe interim saw fruitless anxiety over sparse activity and yet the relentless inhibition over effecting matter onto this site/blog.

It is tough for me not to constantly and spontaneously produce random absurd trinkets of content. You can’t imagine. Or can you? Thus had I enabled myself that same liberty of the prior six years, any book publishing endeavour would quickly see its aim short-circuited, overridden and subdued by the alluring gigantism of this site.

But the firmness worked out, and malgré the slow, unproductive periods, some result is to be seen.


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