Maintain a notebook of favourite verse

2022-08-21 @Literature

If you devour tons of poetry, consider copying your favourite short or shorter verse into a notebook. Be it a specialized notebook or multi-purposed, provided you maintain an index, the benefits are manifold. I’ve been doing this for some time.

The strategy geared mainly to readers that heavily prefer paper, some benefits expand to the digital readership as well. Let’s consider.

  1. Gradually expand your personally catered compilation without having to reprint new materials.

  2. Maintain favourite poetry under one, ideally compact binding. No need to reference multiple books or disparate content.

  3. Indispensable for travellers, where carrying bulky matter isn’t usually an option.

  4. Develop a better connection with the verse. Not sure of the science therein, but perhaps the act of handwriting reconstructs a transmigratory link with the poet, however flimsy, however ephemeral.

  5. Quickest access, quicker than referencing digital content even, not to mention multiple paper anthologies.

I’m finding this verse notebook far more convenient for frequent references to short poems. And so much more forgiving on the eye strain.

The practice has also caused me to better appreciate the shortest of compositions, whereas traditionally more inclined to the longer, cleverer, more Baroque style of poetry. Never cease to amaze in how compact of an encoding is attainable within poetic expression.

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