Another day on the empty field

2021-04-18 @Blog

Close by where I live spreads a gigantic empty field measuring upwards of a few acres. Much of it consists of bare patches of dried earth, though there’s still a fair amount of grassy undergrowth. You’ll also find one shrub and a tiny batch of flowers somewhere along the center. Otherwise, it’s a vast expanse of nothingness exposed to direct, scorching sunlight.

This emptiness is actually one of my favourite retreats to walk around and throw in some exercises here or there. Perhaps it symbolizes the emptiness that sprawls within me, or something of that nature.

There’re plenty of wooded and far more picturesque areas in the vicinity, including a swampy lake just a reach away. But I prefer the empty plain. And in all my time upon the empty plain, I’ve noted but one other being on a single occasion.

And that’s wonderful news for me: I need not purchase an empty tract of land to enjoy the exclusiveness. Other beings seem to gravitate towards entropy - such as that lake.

One day the park authorities will probably transform the emptiness into extravagance. That’s in the better case. Alternatively, a developer will ‘upgrade’ the area into brick and mortar.

I’m not certain who owns the land, nor does it really matter. While it’s there, and while I’m around, I’ll enjoy the near exclusive treatment. Otherwise, I’ll find some other empty block to occupy in the four-dimensional continuum. It hasn’t been that challenging.

We’re in a continuous state of transformation anyway. Don’t count on any physical (or even metaphysical) construct to remain immutable … whether of benefit or peril.

If inexperienced with the nature, I do, however, recommend finding your own empty tract of land and trying it on for size.

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