A wiki added to the site

2020-10-12 @Blog

I’ve added a wiki to house potentially useful content that doesn’t easily fit elsewhere. It might entail lists, drafts, snippets, links, reflections, or any organically expanding matter that knows not a definitive time or shape.

Recently I’d discovered the term ‘digital garden’. And while initially charming, I quickly grew weary of those two words appearing consecutively, unless it be a form of a parody, farce, or satire.

However, from what I gather, a Digital Garden is merely a specialized form of a wiki, (typically) without the collaborative aspect, serving as the means to organize/cultivate material that emphasizes own unconstrained fancies over traditional publishing practices.

Upon reflection, most of what I post on this site doesn’t respect the traditional blogging philosophy anyway. Much of it represents essays, guides, literature discourses and creative whimsicalities spanning a category too many.

And I’ve little restraint concerning the breadth. Let it expand. Let it acquire bulk where momentum urges. Similarly, let it shed extra fat where plausible and no longer conductive to the life essence.

That’s the overall idea behind the wiki section. To enable a more organic form of content sharing and expansion, rather than face the frequent arbitrary constraints behind packaging and presentation.

Having maintained this site for a few years, I feel that I’ve hardly any greater notion of proper marketing and publishing anyway. So much of my approach I leave to the winds. And much of it I cater to my own aesthetic that’s hardly characteristic of any known successful enterprise.

And yet I’ve accumulated years worth of notes, drafts, reflections that I deem either useful, or at least intriguing to some public. If not for the wiki, I would lack the energy to shape it into something more tangible.

Sometimes I’d rather retain a simple list rather than elaborate with a prelude, commentary and a synthesizing narrative. Sometimes terse bullet structure speaks for itself. Sometimes a complete, cohesive product is hardly more effective than an ensemble of broken shards.

My Github already houses certain Wiki-like material. As does the books aggregator, representative of information in a continuous stage evolution. The wiki aims to streamline that approach.

Questions, comments? Connect.