The principles

2019-11-18 @Lifestyle
  1. Simplest tool for the job
  2. Offline over online
  3. Plain text over encoded representations
  4. Email over complex messaging platforms
  5. Letters/calls over short text interchanges
  6. Mindfulness in lieu of mobile devices
  7. Cognitive development over assistive (mobile) aids
  8. Minimal dependencies (ex: cloud, complex tools)
  9. Minimal design
  10. Minimal superfluous needs, objects, commitments
  11. Sporadic usage of graphics
  12. Semi-functional yet effective rather than the fully-functional but never released
  13. Natural foods over processed/synthetic
  14. Sour over sweet
  15. Freedom of language use (and abuse); not catered to the lowest common denominator.
  16. Language assimilation. Nothing of ‘mine’ vs ‘not mine’.
  17. Cultural bias avoidance
  18. Physical movement over motorized transport
  19. Body training foundation: stretching, squats, abdominals, push-ups, pull-ups
  20. Anticipation and domestication of discomfort
  21. Anti-complaining; energize, not drain.
  22. Don’t treat the ephemeral too seriously


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